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my sweet Lou

This morning we put my sweet Lou to sleep. He had a cancer and he was “bleeding out” internally. He was only seven. This is one of the cruelest of all necessities of love. Love them enough to let go. Love them enough to kiss them goodbye.


My best advice? Have the number of a shelter memorized. Do away with anything that he can use to track you down or hurt your family. Take as little as possible. Escape is just that. It is not a vacation.

living with pain

Pain has been my constant companion
for may days and nights
and long ago
and years to go from now
if that be so


are only sounds
and letters
until they come alive
this week
a word I have always known
has become imprinted on my psyche
I have had three c-sections
that pain was in the recovery
and in trying to zip up my jeans
over the red hot swollen scar that was my abdomen
I lost my only son to SIDS
that pain is in my soul
I will [...]