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get over it!

September 3rd, 2012

the bad news is:

if there is nothing but love
or hate
in this world

which will you choose?
mountain flowers

bad news
if you want to be loved,
or to share love, but still want to hate
you are in the wrong place.

bad news
if you want to be loved,
by your one and only,
but have hate for some other,
you need a new gig

bad news, get over it!

you are not perfect
not everyone loves you
for your skin or your teeth or your eyes or your hair
not everyone loves you
for your shape or your strength or your absolute sincerity

get over it, now,
get over yourself

not everyone will love you
that’s the bad news.
the good news
is that you can love everyone else,
but NOT have to be in love with
LOVE the the one who hurts you.

get over him, woman
get yourself OUT
go forward and love and live

but do not hate
do not look back toward hatred.

look only forward,
and with love.

summer flower

August 25th, 2012

white flower
if all of life were this lovely
there would be no fear
or anxiety
or troubles between people

if all of life were as innocent
as a flower,
and every sound
as peaceful as petal dust,

if every breeze brought only lovely summer scents
and fireflies,

then, just perhaps,
could be kind and lovely
to one another as well


August 19th, 2012

monterey cove

A weakness
is a Power
that you have not yet discovered
within yourself.

the view from the road

July 17th, 2012

hillshotI have been walking every evening this past month

it is becoming almost more necessary for my soul
than my body.

so many trees around me,
I reach out to caress low hanging branches
with my fingertips

softly brushing leaves and flowers,
absorbing their energy,
mingling our particles
for eternity

I speak my breath toward them in return,
lest I take without giving.

Craning my neck upward to admire a giant beauty,
I am blessed to see the evening sunlight glowing
in bright diagonaled stripes
across her gnarled trunk

heavy branches protrude at odd angles
creating a joyful web of light and dark

this majesty is hidden from the road,
behind shadows, and secrets,
much as an old woman
with arms braced across her breasts,
and a certain look in her eye,
keeps her own counsel without apology

I am blessed to share the moment with this towering grandmother,
and I thank her
in language I am certain that she understands.

Something catches my eye, far above the road.
I think for a moment that I might envy the view from that bench,
but I decide not to.


June 25th, 2012

hot tears burst from my soul,
leak from my face,
without warning

been crying for days,
over nothing, or something,
out of control

emotional outrage
flares hot
over nothing
that it should not

i am so very,
of the fight to remain solid

my skin barely contains
the liquid fire
that runs through me,
electric fire hell
in my neck and shoulders

sparkling bone pain,
broken glass,
in my spine

can’t seem to get out of my own skin
my own mind.

missing the little one
who never had a chance,
My Sweet Lou
who seemed to know my soul with eyes alone
and walked on four legs
(in this life, anyway).

My Sweet Lou

whose life are you living?

June 11th, 2012

Now that I am old enough to enjoy thoughts of what I want to do when I grow up – and to effect decisions about how i will live my life as it is now – i can finally feel victorious over those painful memories of the impossibility of living the life i was in at the time . . . bottom of the falls

Back then, i was unable to create any life at all, for myself and my daughters. I couldn’t make the break with the past and go forward. I couldn’t find the answer – my life was at checkmate.

The grim Reaper waited, hands reaching toward me, willing me to quit. My daughters needed me to be strong, to take care of them, to make a home for them.

Go forward or die.

If not for my girls, i would have made the other choice. I was lost in the very personal hell of spousal abuse. Self-recriminations were my constant companions. It must be my fault. I must be the problem.

If only I could only be perfect. If only I could change what was happening . . . in the end, we learn that this is the sickness of abuse. The victim is trapped in the sticky web of his lies. She is bad. She is at fault. She is the problem. That is why he hurts her.

Wrong. He hurts her because he is very sick in his soul. She is just the convenient outlet for his sickness.

My relationship with myself was always sacrificed to some “other” who was more important, more valuable. Don’t believe the lies of your church. Don’t believe that you deserve to live your mother’s life. Don’t believe anything it if it makes you feel wrong, or less than, or stupid. Don’t believe the lies of the abuser. And, don’t ever let the Reaper into your bedroom!

Move heaven and Earth to create your own future. You will not regret being alive when the sun rises tomorrow. Your family, and your children, will surely regret your passing if you let him take you into the darkness.

verbal rape

May 1st, 2012

Someone I know had this experience today.

She was in a parking lot. The wind grabbed her car door and popped it open very close a car next to her. She got out and inspected the car. No dents. No damage. No marks. The driver was returning to the car and saw it happen. She explained that the wind had grabbed the door and apologized sincerely and profusely.

2.conch shell

He got into his car, started to drive away, rolled down the window and yelled “and that’s why you’re a Fat Pig!

She said to me that if he had called her a B-word or even that ugly C-word, or a bunch of ugly words together, it would have bounced off of her. But assaulting her body type was just too personal.

He is a Verbal Rapist.

This woman is an intelligent, educated, young, smart and witty person. She was completely without a come-back. She had no response. It hurt her to the core.

There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look in the mirror and wish away some pounds or inches somewhere. Or some re-distribution of the wealth. . . Some of us are only mildly neurotic about our bodies, and some of us are severely neurotic.

This fawker figured out one comeback for every woman alive. I suspect he practices in front of his mirror; as he expects some kind of wrong to happen to him daily. He says: You are a Fat Pig, and now he feels superior. Certainly his command of the English language is to be applauded.

Yes, I am trying to be objective, but I want to scream. What are people doing out there? What does he say to his wife? Or his partner? Of course, this is how he deals with every problem. Verbal assault. It is so terribly sad that human beings can’t find a way to speak kindly to one another.

Beam me up Scotty.

self-love and renewal

April 8th, 2012

There are moments that, rather magically, leave a forever impression in our minds. I remember one such moment that returned to me years later, full force.

As a very young pre-teen, some crazy-man Sunday school teacher told our little group that we should “love our neighbors, as ourselves.” Never the shy one, I spoke up and said something like: What are you talking about? How do you love yourself? That doesn’t make any sense. It didn’t make sense to me, not at all.


I was not unfamiliar with the heavy black book, the pictures with Angels and men with sticks. Our dad had been a Protestant minister for a while when we were very young, and never really stopped preaching to his personal choir. We had been taught that we should love other people, help strangers, and turn the other cheek (whatever that meant). I do remember the teacher stopping the class to answer my question. Unfortunately, the answer did not stick in my head as solidly as the question. I wish it had. It might have saved me years of abuse.

If you are being abused, you have either forgotten to love yourself, or never knew how.

Deep down, do you honestly think that you deserve the beatings, the humiliation, or the ever-increasing emotional turmoil that steals your self-worth and your hope for the future? Think about it. Is this the life you wanted? Does it bear any resemblance to the dreams that you had, when you were dating this charming man? (Yes, they are all charming. Don’t even bother to disagree.)

If you think, even for a moment, that this isn’t what you had in mind, then perhaps you need to get away while you still have a shred of self-confidence. If you are convinced that you deserve this treatment, or, that God is punishing you for whatever reasons, you are already deep into the black hole of helplessness.

How will you ever dig yourself out of this hole if you do not love yourself, and your own life, enough to push the emotional rubbish off of your face and climb out? Self-love, amazingly enough, is simply having a basic sense of self-preservation that is intact and functioning.

Deciding that you are worth something to the universe, to yourself, to your family, is empowering. Realizing, if even for a moment, that you are not the repulsive, useless, sub-human that your abuser makes you out to be, will give you that one, precious ethereal scrap of strength, to pull yourself up and get out of the hellhole you are living in before it kills you. Please use it.

butterfly spin

April 3rd, 2012

My body is not who I am.

I am not this ugly, fuzzy worm,

I am a beautiful creature,
 with wings, wait, you will see.monarch
I am a soul,
confined within a body. Or, perhaps, a body surrounded by a soul. . .
I am a soul,
 struggling to be free of this captivity.
I am a chrysalis, a worm, hiding in a small curled up space

I am ready
 to return to life, with beautiful wings, 
to wink at you, and fly away.

dark night

March 24th, 2012

Waking up in a wild panic, heart pounding, covered in sweat, that’s a Nightmare. Do you remember it? If you can remember, turn on a light and write it down immediately. Understanding nightmares could help you to get rid of them.

dark night

If you are having nightmares on a regular basis, change something! Try filling your brain with beautiful thoughts. Read something inspiring before you go to bed. Listen to soft music. Light some candles if you have them. Dim the lamps. Take a bubble bath. Anything that settles your mind and body before going to bed is helpful.

Set the mood in your home, your living space, your bedroom: make it peaceful and calm. It doesn’t cost money to change the mood. Get anything that is distracting or upsetting out of your living area. Really look around and see into what you are surrounding yourself with. What is the significance of that thing? Why is it in your home, in your private space? Is it something that makes you feel calm, or does it cause some emotional discomfort?

Do not read the newspaper or listen to the t.v. news for a while, I mean weeks, or months, see if it makes a difference. If you must have t.v. turn on the weather channel or watch old b/w movies. Don’t forget . . . garbage in = garbage out.

Some Nightmares are simply about how you ate too much for dinner. However, some can be warnings. Your mind may be trying to protect you from yourself. Think about what you are thinking about… if you are obsessing over what should have been, or what you could have done, get over it, now. Let it go. What is, is. You are here, in your own bed. You are safe. Try not to live in the past. Today is really important too!

I always recommend Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pincola Estes, Ph.D. (the book is available at Amazon). She really digs into those Dark Man dreams and how paying attention to them can help you with important decisions in your life. This book saved my life. Every woman should read it!

Don’t forget the importance of Hydration. If you are dehydrated you are handicapping yourself. Your body and your brain need hydration to function properly. Learning to love yourself starts with taking care of your mind and body. Loving yourself is so important. It changes everything about who you believe you are, and what you attract in your life.