Amazon carries these books.

Clarissa Pincola Estes: WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES. Don’t miss this one. It is incredible, and so very helpful for the feminine soul. I recommend it to everyone.

IT’S MY LIFE NOW, Meg Kennedy Dugan, M.A. Starting Over after an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence. Okay, I haven’t read it yet, I skimmed through it in my Kindle. It’s an amazingly stocked reference for everyone who is now or ever has been abused. Seriously, I am amazed at the information that is crammed into these pages. Don’t miss it. I think it was about $9.99 on my Kindle. Paperback was $13.99. I didn’t see a hardcover edition. Worth every penny. Get this book!!! I’m reading it as soon as I get back up into it’s former condition.

Janine Latus: IF I AM MISSING OR DEAD – How do you help your sister when she is in love? Amy Latus is me, she is many women, she might be you, she could be my daughter, or yours.
Read the book. Give it to someone who needs it. Share it. For all of our sisters.

Faith McNulty: THE BURNING BED. This felt, for me, like someone was peeking into my windows and writing the script. It’s true. They are all the same. One man, like Santa Clause, goes from house to house, pretending to love us, telling us all how terrible we are, and the battering. That’s a given. We don’t measure up. We deserve it.

Wahida Clark and Kiki Swinson: SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY also a movie with the amazing Julia Roberts.
Yes. It was like that.

Lundy Bancroft: WHY DOES HE DO THAT? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men (Amazon reviews are amazingly postitive. I have just downloaded it to my Kindle and will read it very quickly, I promise!)

Every woman should read this book: MY STROKE OF INSIGHT by Jill Bolte Taylor. She is a brain scientist and has a stroke at a very young age. Amazing revelations and understanding of how the brain works. How recognizing a stroke when it happens, and getting help quickly make a great difference in recovery.

Books I am reading now, all of which I can recommend:

GO SUCK A LEMON, strategies for improving your emotional intelligence, by Michael Cornwall, PhD, LPCC, CSW

SELF EMPOWERMENT THROUGH SELF HYPNOSIS, Harnessing the Enormous Potential of the Mind, by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.


THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT: Using your Thoughts to Change your Life and the World, by Lynne McTaggart

UNBINDING THE HEART, by Agapi Stassinopoulous