I am a bag lady. My two little girls and I left our home with two paper bags and not even a toothbrush between us.

I thought I had been protecting them from the worst of it. But when they begged me to leave “before he kills you” – I had to face it. I hadn’t protected them. They knew, and they were suffering too.

This blogsite is for the battered, the exhausted, and those who think that sweet death is the only way out. Don’t give up. You can have a good life that is free of fear and pain. Hang on long enough to discover that life. I have been there before you, and I am here for you now.

My work, now, is to reach others who do not believe they are worth saving, women who expect to be treated badly, my sisters who are too tired to fight back any longer. Try. One more time. Please. It is so very worth it to be free.

Talk to me. Talk to someone, anyone. Get out. Be free. Run while you are still alive. There is so much more to live for than fear and pain.

take care,
i wish you peace and safety

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