Today, I continue re-posting the site, after my incredible, total-loss of two years of work earlier this month. As I am doing that, I am re-reading and re-evaluating the content of my text files.

The post called Taming the Shrew was about my discovery of a single Old Testament verse that freed me from the life sentence I had given myself as a battered wife.

Here is a link to the revised version of the original post: Taming the Shrew

As I was reviewing this post, I discovered that I had referred to the verse, but did not name it. By now, so many years later, I had forgotten where it was. I was very disappointed in myself for that. I determined to find the verse, and include it in the post. It wasn’t an easy task. I could not seem to find the exact quote. Back then I never had trouble finding something I wanted to read again, I spent a lot of time in that book. I finally resorted to Google. (shame on me.)

Google did turn up a few interesting things, and it seems that I am not the only one who has ever “discovered” that “god” does not give a husband permission to beat, berate, terrify or kill his wife.

Since this is a blog, the older stuff gets sent to the back of the line. The quotes are from different sources. The more the better. Here is a list of those posts… just in case you are interested:

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