Here is a link to an article by Bible Scholar, Dr. Claude Mariottini.
This is the conclusion:

It is clear that this reading of Judges 19:2 does not presuppose an act of conjugal infidelity by the Levite’s concubine. This translation points to the fact that husband and wife had a fight and in anger, the woman left her husband and returned to her father’s house.
. . .

The fact seems to be that husband and wife had a big fight, that she probably was afraid for her life, and that she tried to find security and protection in the house of her father.

The end of the story seems to demonstrate the basis for her fear. . . His selfishness demonstrates that in the end, he loved himself more than he loved her.

. . . Today’s generation of Bible students need to know that this unnamed woman was not a whore nor was she unfaithful to her husband. Only by rereading the text will today’s readers discover that all the accusations lodged against this woman were false. May this rereading of the text vindicate her reputation.

Rest in peace.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary