Image 23I hope you will forgive my blunt statements, but I am simply beyond dancing around this important subject.

If you are gay, or lesbian, please, just be who you are. Love someone who is also gay, or lesbian. Please do not pretend, cover up, lie to yourself and everyone else and marry someone who is straight and ruin both of your lives.

I am so thankful that being gay or lesbian is much more understood, now, in 2011. We should/must all be what we are. Thank goodness for progress.

We “married in haste” – which, if you know your old wives’ tales – ends in “repent at leisure.” Which we both did. We played the game. Because his family expected it. Because we had two little girls. We had buried our only son. Nothing was ever the same. He should have been allowed to just be who he was. I should have been given the opportunity to decide whether to marry someone who was gay, not find it out so much later.

My point is that if you are gay or lesbian, please, know that understanding and acceptance are part of reality now. Be who you are. Love the person you love. Please don’t love the person you are expected to love. It never works out.

Blessings and love to all