beautiful peach rose

Isn’t she beautiful? I was waiting for her to open. She is young, and vibrant and strong. The wind howled that night, but she was still there the next day.

I don’t cut them and put them in watery prisons inside the house. They are free, just like the robins who build nests in the patio roof.

The tree is young too, probably less than twenty years old. The bark is soft, like cotton. This rose clings to the tree for shelter, but still pokes out her beautiful face from behind its papery, wrinkled trunk. peachrose11

A few days later, I took her photo again. If she hadn’t been in exactly the same place, I would have wondered if she was the same flower.

She has grown old, and folded in on herself, she has wrinkles in her petals. Her color is faded.

To me, she is even more beautiful because of her age. I am also growing older every moment of every day. Yes she has thorns, I wish we had them sometimes..

I am overwhelmed with the beauty of so many flowers and trees. And I am grateful for my life.

I am so glad I didn’t let an abuser convince me that it wasn’t worth living.