This morning we put my sweet Lou to sleep. He had a cancer and he was “bleeding out” internally. He was only seven. This is one of the cruelest of all necessities of love. Love them enough to let go. Love them enough to kiss them goodbye.

Louie loved to play with his ball. He would push the ball into the pool, then jump in and chase it until he was exhausted. We would fish the ball out for him and he would push it in again. It was a game. He didn’t care about being exhausted. He was having fun.

IMG_0002Louie taught me to laugh. He had so much joy and excitement just chasing that darned ball. I laughed every time he ended up head over heels in the grass, rolling over the ball, running too fast. The ball was flat of course. Every time I got him a new one he bit into it right away and it would be flat within twenty seconds. I guess it must have been easier to catch that way.

He had the sweetest big brown eyes.  He quickly became a ninety pound lap dog. (The front half of him anyway, the “whole” dog wouldn’t fit.)

I will miss my sweet Lou. Always. He was the best dog ever.  He sat beside my bed for days when the first Pain Management work was done on my spine. He knew, somehow, that I was in pain. He did not move, for days. I don’t know how he did it. But, he was the best dog of my life. I wish, how I wish, that he had not been sick. I could not keep him alive while it would hurt him, but i would have, in a moment, if it had only hurt me.