Image 4I have three younger sisters,

they will always be little girls
in my mind

They are in fact,
grown women now
with families and joys and
sorrows of their own.

I was thinking of my other sisters
the women out there,
across this globe,
where ever they might be
whose lives are not in their control
whose husbands are their jailers
their keepers
whose children are hostages to the status quo.

If you are being battered
I hope that you can find a way out

not in every country
will you be stoned
by men (or women) who feel they have done no wrong

not in every country
will you be mutilated
in order to be marriageable

not in every country
will you be expected to bow your head
and submit to a husband who is your master.

I am so sorry that you are there
and I am here.

we do have monsters here,
in this country.
men who hit and berate and torment,

they call us battered wives,
while you are only wives,
you do not have the distinction of being battered,
it is your expectation to be battered
in your world.

I wish for you a new life
an escape
whether it is real or imagined
of peaceful moments
and joyous nights
where nothing bad will happen to you,
and every star in the sky shines for you
just for you

This is just my take on Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn