Waking up in a wild panic, heart pounding, covered in sweat, that’s a Nightmare. Do you remember it? If you can remember, turn on a light and write it down immediately. Understanding nightmares could help you to get rid of them.

dark night

If you are having nightmares on a regular basis, change something! Try filling your brain with beautiful thoughts. Read something inspiring before you go to bed. Listen to soft music. Light some candles if you have them. Dim the lamps. Take a bubble bath. Anything that settles your mind and body before going to bed is helpful.

Set the mood in your home, your living space, your bedroom: make it peaceful and calm. It doesn’t cost money to change the mood. Get anything that is distracting or upsetting out of your living area. Really look around and see into what you are surrounding yourself with. What is the significance of that thing? Why is it in your home, in your private space? Is it something that makes you feel calm, or does it cause some emotional discomfort?

Do not read the newspaper or listen to the t.v. news for a while, I mean weeks, or months, see if it makes a difference. If you must have t.v. turn on the weather channel or watch old b/w movies. Don’t forget . . . garbage in = garbage out.

Some Nightmares are simply about how you ate too much for dinner. However, some can be warnings. Your mind may be trying to protect you from yourself. Think about what you are thinking about… if you are obsessing over what should have been, or what you could have done, get over it, now. Let it go. What is, is. You are here, in your own bed. You are safe. Try not to live in the past. Today is really important too!

I always recommend Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pincola Estes, Ph.D. (the book is available at Amazon). She really digs into those Dark Man dreams and how paying attention to them can help you with important decisions in your life. This book saved my life. Every woman should read it!

Don’t forget the importance of Hydration. If you are dehydrated you are handicapping yourself. Your body and your brain need hydration to function properly. Learning to love yourself starts with taking care of your mind and body. Loving yourself is so important. It changes everything about who you believe you are, and what you attract in your life.