DSC00820_2I hope that you are well and at peace tonight. I walked outside and breathed in the Universe for a few minutes earlier. Loving the trees, touching leaves with my fingertips. Barefooted, feeling the earth beneath me.

We have a storm coming, and the sky is a misty, leaded grey. Highlighted against the night sky are tall trees, some with bare branches, some still teeming with leaves and noisy critters. The palms tower over the others. Pine cones and prickly little brown balls litter the lawn. The grass is dry, with patches of brown and green. The roses have been cut back for the season. Silly white daisies are falling all over each other, blooming in February, like they know what they are doing.

All I have to do is smell the dirt, the air, feel the wind, breathe in the colors of the trees and flowers, and I AM part of the Universe. I am learning to love myself. This is one way I that I do it. I allow myself to walk outside in the dark and just love what is around me, and love that I can feel it and see it and be part of it.

No longer do I spend my days and nights wishing for the cold darkness of non-being. Tonight, I am happy to be alive. Happy to share my life with people, dogs, birds, trees, flowers, clouds, and the Energies of the Universe.

Again, I am glad that I did not let an abuser convince me that my life was not worth living. I hope that if you are in that place, you can believe in a better way, and that you will get help, before it is too late.