Image 7old women can be dangerous

we say what we think.
and we often speak without even being spoken to.

fevers, darkness, and broken hearts no longer frighten us.

people are more frightening than life’s random pains.
those who live  in judgment
and speak sly criticisms.
they make life harder than it has to be.

I remember being young,
what a lot of trouble that was.

my soul was broken once
and many times again
by people who claimed love, or friend.

dogs are better at love,
and a cat will, at least, be silent.

I love the freedoms of old age.
i seek wisdom, speak my mind,
and love without walls

my sisters, celebrate with me.
we are dangerously free, now that we are old.

wisdom grows from pain.
freedom is a gift that you can give to yourself
after the wounds have healed.