moonshadow detail2dreams and wishes are made of moondust
and, if you believe,
little fairies will sprinkle moondust on your eyelids at bedtime
you will have beautiful dreams
a beautiful day tomorrow
you believe in moondust and fairies

nobody changes, really
we wish they would, but they do not,
we might even pray that they will
but they can not

god will not change him for you
only you can realize
the truth
if you wish to,
there is nobody you can change
but you

if you are being battered
he does not really love you
no matter what pretty words he says
or how many sweet roses he brings to you
after he batters you,

it is a lie
a terrible lie

battering is not love
loving is love
kindness is love
truth is love

battering is a crime of power,
not passion
just like rape
it is not love
it is non-love,
or un-love,
he only loves himself

if you can learn to love yourself,
just the tiniest bit
you can run
and not be battered any longer
you can start a new life
begin again

all it takes is
just that one little bit of self-love
(that he wants you to believe is selfishness)

try it

I am a child of god
I do not deserve to be battered
I do not deserve this life of pain and fear
I should love myself
enough to leave
even if I have to pretend to love myself
I can leave this battering behind

and start over
and be totally and completely

and the past will be behind me
and every tomorrow
will be mine to decide how to live