Pink Sari(Photo courtesy of Pink Saris)

PINK SARIS to broadcast on HBO2 | Wednesday, November 30

“…a remarkably honest and urgent film, and Sampat is an unforgettable character.”
Anthropology Review Database

“Highly Recommended.”
Educational Media Reviews Online

“A girl’s life is cruel…A woman’s life is very cruel,” notes Sampat Pal, the complex protagonist at the center of PINK SARIS, internationally acclaimed director Kim Longinotto’s latest foray into the lives of extraordinary women. Sampat should know – like many others she was married as a young girl into a family which made her work hard and beat her often. But unusually, she fought back, leaving her in-laws and eventually becoming famous as a champion for beleaguered women throughout Uttar Pradesh, many of whom find their way to her doorstep.

PINK SARIS is an unflinching and often amusing look at the all-women vigilante Gulabi Gang in Northern India and their charismatic leader, who acts as judge and jury for girls and women who are being abused by outlawed patriarchal traditions and the caste system.

PINK SARIS will be broadcast on HBO2, Wednesday, November 30. To see local listings, click here. To view the trailer for the film, click here.

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