Chicago hi-rise

Now that I really think about it . . . I am pretty sure that I was dehydrated most of my adult life. I do not remember ever drinking water as part of my diet. I had not a drop of water for years and years. I survived on coffee and sugary brown liquids. I got terrible headaches, migraines, for many, many years. I NEVER drank water.

My sweet little lady doc called me at 7 p.m. on a Friday night and said: “You are severely dehydrated! Go out NOW and buy a lot of Gatorade, and drink it all weekend and come in on Monday!”

I didn’t know what the significance of dehydration was, but i did as she said. The following day I began to feel better, and better, and the next day I woke up a brand new person.

If I had been hydrated those many years of my marriage to a batterer, would I have been more alert, more focused, better able to protect my children and fight back? Would I have realized that I wasn’t the crazy one five or ten years sooner? I think so.

I’m 61 years on this planet, in my current collection of particles, but at the time I was being abused (when I was about 30) I felt about 90, and headed for the happy hunting grounds. Today, I feel about seventeen (give or take a few old bones and grumbling knees and knuckles).

I hope everyone will take this seriously, drink lots of fluids, and just see if you don’t feel better.