purple flowersTara Hitner is the owner of Holistic Healthy Heart in NYC – here is her recent post on hydration:

“Your cells need water for proper functioning. Without it they are slow/sluggish (conserving energy for mere survival). They do not have the energy to do their jobs: (Much like a person who falls asleep at their desk at 3:00 p.m.).

“The immune system becomes slow and tired and can’t handle the workload. Lots of work goes “unchecked”. Your cells are conserving energy to survive (priority) and will get to the other “work” when they have the energy again. If the resources never come, then the work i.e: waste removal, cancer cell clean up, digestion, brain functioning, etc. … can never catch up and get over-whelmed.

The result: “The weaker areas of an individual’s body (different reactions based on DNA, environmental, diet, etc…) will begin to break down.

“Listen to your body’s cues (big and small), to keep things in proper order. Understand that by the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.”

I could not pass this one up. I have been suffering (yes, that is the correct word) from dehydration for over a year now. I am taking medications that ease the terrible electric-fire of a pinched-nerve in my neck. The result is terrific dehydration. I have been dizzy, light headed, unable to make simple decisions, exhausted, and unable to sleep. Wow, that sounds like my whole life.

Now that I really think about it . . . I am pretty sure that I was dehydrated most of my adult life. I do not remember ever drinking water as part of my diet. I had not a drop of water for years and years. I survived on coffee and sugary brown liquids. I got terrible headaches, migraines, for many, many years. I NEVER drank water.

A few years ago, after some routine blood tests, my sweet little lady doc called me at 7 p.m. on a Friday night and said: “You are severely dehydrated! Go out NOW and buy a lot of Gatorade, and drink it all weekend and come in on Monday!”
I didn’t know what the significance of dehydration was, but I did as she said. The following day I began to feel better, and better, and the next day I woke up a brand new person.

If I had been hydrated those many years of my marriage to a batterer, would I have been more alert, more focused, better able to protect my children and fight back? Would I have realized that I wasn’t the crazy one five or ten years sooner? I think so.
I’m 61 years on this planet, in my current collection of particles, but at the time I was being abused (when I was about 30) I felt about 90, and headed for the happy hunting grounds. Today, I feel about seventeen (give or take a few old bones and grumbling knees and knuckles).
I hope everyone will take this seriously, drink lots of fluids, and just see if you don’t feel better.