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A dear friend of mine recently learned that sharing sorrows can actually help you to become stronger.

Her happy, beautiful life was turned upside down in a heartbeat. She didn’t want to tell anyone.

She is always such a smiling, sparkling, positive person. She shares her love, not her sorrows. In one night, the kindest, most loving man in the world covered her body with bruises and broke her heart into a million pieces. She was confused and terrified and felt utterly alone.

She finally shared her nightmare with her mother, and little by little, with her friends. Each time she opened her heart to a friend, she got back love. They told her how much she means to them, how much they love her for being just exactly who she is. Each friend gave her love and support. Each one helped her to find more of her own inner strength and power and the determination to go on.

Today she is recovering, and tomorrow she will still be recovering. If you are keeping it in, hiding the truth from the people who love you, think about this. Together we are stronger. Together we can find solutions. Hiding in the trouble does not bring light to the situation. Sharing with at least one other soul will give you strength and courage and help you to recover your self-worth and learn self-love, which are so absolutely necessary for recovery.