IMG_4729My story is all over this site. My two little girls told me that we had to leave, “before he kills you.” – I could no longer pretend they didn’t know after that. So, we walked out the door one lovely morning, headed for their school, and never went back. A shelter picked us up from a neighbor’s home.

That was the beginning of our new life. All of those threats – ” I will hunt you down and kill you ” – ” I will take the children from you and you will never see them again” – they were just threats, he never intended to follow through. He thought the threat would control me. It did, for a long time.

He never followed through on any of it. That is not to say that some other abuser could or would not follow through on threats. I simply say that my fearful, careful movements meant nothing. He was never going to hunt us down. He simply didn’t care enough about his two daughters to make sure that they had food, shelter, or clothing. He was only concerned about himself. Who can do that? A sociopath?

I hope he will choke on the money he saved by not paying support for all of those years. His daughters want nothing to do with him. He has other children from other wives. I wonder how many others he has left behind in the dust? I celebrate the wife who hit him with the cast-iron skillet when he tried to beat her. Good for her.