Image 3He’s a “bad boy.”

He beats you . . . but you love him. . . you forgive him.

He beats you, but you “love” him, because after he batters you, he cries? You love him because he is confused, and hurt, and his mommy didn’t love him, so he beats you, and you call that love? I’m sorry, but this is NOT LOVE!

Get a grip woman! You are not in touch with reality. Love is NOT battery. Love is NOT bloody noses and broken bones. Real love is kindness! Real love is peaceful, or at least accommodating.

Love may mean enjoying every minute of every day together, it may mean many things to many people, but it certainly does not mean violence.

I know. He hits you where it will not show. You cover up with long sleeves. He is so very, terribly sorry, when he hurts you. You forgive him, again and again. This is NOT love. This is Domestic Violence. It is a crime. Are you going to let him continue to beat you until you are mindless and stupid? Are you going to have his children because he is so “sweet” when he isn’t beating you?

Love is not a reason to let someone hurt you. Love is Respect. Love is Kindness. Don’t let him convince you otherwise. If you have a weakness for him, Run! Get Away! Go! Don’t let him follow you. You are more sick than he is if you accept this treatment.

Don’t love this man-child. Your life is in danger. If you don’t believe me check the stats on Domestic Violence Homicides. Go as far away as you have to. Get away from his influence. You are a precious individual. You do not deserve this kind of “love.”

Run while there is still time.