We don’t all get to follow some straight path and have perfect lives with perfect skin and never a moment of stress. Some of us have to be the ones on the crooked path, tripping over roots in the dark, and ending up dirty and lost. That’s me. Well, that was me. I’m on a better path now.

Yes, I am enrolled in a College for Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles. Does that make me stranger than most? Nah. It just means that my rocking chair (when I get one) will be in my hypnotherapy office, and my dogs will be able to come to work with me.

In my post-battered days, I managed to earn a living because I could type, and I loved to read, so, I could spell. I worked as a legal secretary for many years. It was a good living for my girls and I, but you are still just the hired help, you don’t really gain anything but a paycheck.

In this era of my life, I had been looking for a way to help other battered and/or broken women to recover and live better lives. But, I didn’t have any real qualifications. Becoming a hypnotherapist seemed like a goal I could actually attain – one year of college at 61 years old… not impossible, and the time will go by anyway, one way or another.

If it is a little hard to imagine how hypnosis could help a battered woman in her recovery I’ll help you out: how about a big dose of self-confidence, sleeping better, worrying less, interview skills, test taking skills, weight loss, weight gain, stress and anxiety relief, and being relieved of destructive habits. (There is more where that came from, but I just got home from school and it’s late.)

So, good night. I hope you are safe and that no one is battering you tonight.