Pain has been my constant companion
for may days and nights
and long ago
and years to go from now
if that be so

she lets me know that I am alive
I can still feel her
knocking on my soul

in spite of everything
that has been
I still live
I still breathe

So many days and nights
I wanted
to send my soul to god
and leave my empty body behind
devoid of pain
devoid of life

god did not take me
would not let this life end
before its appointed date and time
whenever that may be

Pain is often my only friend,
tonight she lays down with me,
and tomorrow she will kiss me good morning
with a stab
or a hook
or a pull

she is in all of my living memory
she is my only true companion

I could go on without her
but that would leave me at the mercy
of human beings
who can not be trusted
to speak what is true
and love
without conditions